NIE Alicante

NIE Alicante


One of the key elements that many investors and tourist consider when coming to Spain is the great weather that can be found in different Autonomous Communities throughout the country.


Alicante is one of the best example of the “Mediterranean dream” for it means to some extend work and live under the sun, and enjoy a different lifestyle. This city is part of the Valencian Community. Its great location, climate, public services, people and culture makes this Spanish city very attractive for many people.


Unless you are fluent in Spanish, you should count with the guidance of an attorney who help you not only to issue your NIE, but also to consider the best options in the market to buy a property or set up a company in this city.


You must consider that Alicante can provide to future investors, residents or workers an important social and entrepreneurial dynamism. In this city, you can find from big industrial companies to a large number of small and medium enterprises.


It offers its residents and visitors a variety of connections to other main cities either by train with  Renfe (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona) and frequent flights to Madrid, Barcelona and many Western European cities through carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Air Berlin, Monarch Airlines and Jet2com. There are also regular flights to Russia and Algeria.  The city also offers regular connections to the Balearic Islands.


Alicante also counts with one of the best Universities in Spain, with its modern building the Alicante University is located in Sant Vicent de Raspeig.


For instances, there are many foreign companies who have set their subsidiaries in Alicante or in the Valencia community, especially those companies related to automotive, chemicals and petrochemicals and metallurgy business.


Remember that if you consider this city the most suitable for you to acquire a property, a car, open a bank account, work or start a business, you must issue your NIE directly in the police office of this city. Our attorneys can help you with all the necessary legal requirements to apply and obtain your NIE.


Don’t forget that given the amount of population in this city, the Offices of the local Police are very often operating at their top of their capacities, thus they tend to delay the assignment of appointments to apply for the NIE or the delivery notification of the same.


Our attorneys can handle your application for your NIE in Alicante by means of a Power of Attorney, and once ready, send this document to you by postal service to your home. Contact us and issue your NIE without delays or queues.