NIE Number Spain

NIE Number Spain

Spain has become a major destination for investors. When planning to invest in our country, whether you buy a property or open a company, you must fulfil different steps first. Perhaps one of the most important documents that you will need to complete every single transaction in Spain is the NIE. The Foreign Identification Number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero or NIE in Spanish) is a personal, unique and sequential number granted to everyone who is not a Spanish citizen, whether you are EU citizens or non-EU citizens. Spanish authorities will ask you to present it when doing any professional or economical transaction.


In our Law Firm, our immigration attorneys have wide experience helping clients to apply for their NIE number. We can help you as well filing your application for you. Whit this service, you don’t need to be present at the moment of the application thus avoiding traveling expenses. By means of a Power of Attorney signed by you, the applicant, our immigration attorneys are entitled the right to appear before the corresponding Police Office on your behalf to issue your NIE.


It is important to remember that:


  • Even though you are in possession of the NIE, you are not entitle to reside in Spain or extend your legal permit to stay in the country in any case.
  • You may issue your NIE even if you reside out of Spain.
  • Spanish authorities will prevent you from applying or getting your NIE if you are not legally staying in the country.*
*Please bear in mind that you can apply and get your NIE within the period of time established in your short-term visa. For example, a tourist visa will let you stay in Spain for a period up to 90 days, during this time you are allowed to issue your NIE for you are in a regular situation in Spanish territory.


Remember that all documents must be duly translated into Spanish by a public interpreter.


Remember that our lawyers are completely bilingual and are available through Skype, email, chat, or phone to attend your request for NIE application. Also, keep in mind that our attorneys can handle your family members NIE application as well. Just contact us and schedule your appointment.