NIE Online

Unless you are a Spanish citizen and have a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad in Spanish), you will need to issue a Foreign Identification Number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero or NIE in Spanish) in order to buy a property, a car, open a bank account, invest or set up a company in Spain.


This document is a personal, exclusive and sequential number granted to everyone who is not a Spanish national, whether you are a national of an EU member state or not. The NIE must appear on all your documents issued or processed in Spanish territory, as well as in all the transactions or operations that may are affixed in your identity card or passport.


Our Law Firm counts with high profile attorneys who are ready to grant you the best service when applying and obtaining your NIE. Our goal is to help you going through your application process the easiest and fastest way possible. Just by contacting us, you will be assessed by a specialist who will help you with your queries and will inform you on the necessary steps to apply for your NIE online with us.  


This number is composed of an initial letter, followed by seven digits or numbers and an alphabetical character verification code defined by the corresponding ministerial office. The X corresponds to the initial letter assigned for NIEs before July 2008 and a Y is assigned for NIEs issued from that date. When the serial number is over, it is expected to use Z.


When you hire our services to issue your NIE, we will handle all the application process for you by means of a Power of Attorney signed by you. Therefore, you don’t have to come to Spain which will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses.


With a duly legalized Power of Attorney (hereinafter the POA) an immigration lawyer will be applying on your behalf. We just need you to fill the Application form and send us the require documentation notarized and legalized to initiate the application process.


After reviewing all the documentation, we will appear before the corresponding office to issue your NIE. Such process is currently taking around a week. Once we get your NIE, we will send it to you through email and later through postal service.


Remember that we can issue the NIE for your family members as well, you just need to let us know such information in advance.


Our legal staff has handle many NIE applications over the past years. You can be confident that your application process is in safe and professional hands. Contact us now to the following email address: