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Normally, those clients who need to issue a NIE Number have future plans in relation to different professional, personal or economical transactions in Spain. Therefore, if you are planning or are in the middle of developing future operations in our country, you can count with us not only to issue your NIE but also to guide you or represent you here in Spain in different legal matters.


In Our Law Firm, we count with a group of high qualified experts not only in immigration Law, but also in Corporate Law and Real Estate Law. So if you wish to buy a property in Spain, start your own business or you just have been notified that you may inherit certain goods, you just need to contact us, and we will represent your interests the best possible way pursuant to current Spanish legislation.


On one hand, Spain counts with different permits and visas that will allow you to stay legally in the country, whether you are a national of an EU member state or not. We will review your documentation and help you to apply for any type of visa, whether it is a short-term visa or a long-term visa, for example a student visa or a residence permit. Moreover, if you wish to bring your family to the country, we know all the legal resources to accomplish that.


On the other hand, if you wish to invest in our country, you must know that the current Spanish legislation offers different options for those foreigners who wish to put their money in our country. What’s more, they give you the possibility of issuing your residence permit by investing money in Spain, whether through buying a property or setting up your own business. Our Law Firm has wide experience handling cases related to Real Estate or Corporate Law for foreign clients. We can represent your interest for example when acquiring a property in any Autonomous Community, as well as helping you in writing your business plan to submit it before the corresponding Spanish authorities.


We know that dealing with laws and legal terms can be complex and difficult at times, even more if you don’t know very well the proceedings of the country were you will be staying or investing your money. Thus, we will help you avoiding losing your time and money. Contact us to the following address, schedule your legal consultation with us today and leave your legal matters in our experts’ hands.